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About Prime Pet

We stock only the best and most natural pet foods, treats and supplies available on the market. The products we carry are manufactured to the same high standards as the foods that we, as healthy pet owners, eat.

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We love our pets like members of our families - they are our extended sons and daughters, and there are no conditions on our love. They bestow unselfish loyalty to us, their guardians. This is why Prime Pet only stocks the very best in quality pet products. We want the prime picks for our families.

We believe that our pets’ food and treats should be prepared with the same care and attention to healthy ingredients as the food we feed ourselves. We do the research for you and hand-pick each and every item to ensure that there have been no complaints regarding the quality of the product or its formula. Prime Pet stands firm in our mission to offer only the highest quality.

Browse through our offerings and you are sure to find the best product for your cat or dog, kitten or puppy. We have all-natural foods and treats, and we stand behind every item you buy from us.

Premium Pet-Pleasing Products!

If you have ever eaten a tomato right off the vine or a peach or apple that has just been plucked from a tree, you know the goodness and remarkable taste of fresh food. Your pet will instantly love the all-natural selections from Prime Pet.

As a locally owned and operated small business, we treat each customer with dignity and respect, honesty and fairness. To us, you are an individual and your pet is special.