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Cats Rule Perfect Litter Mushroom Dot Mat

Cats Rule Perfect Litter Mushroom Dot Mat - primepet
$ 24.90

Product code: 4800668


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  • Can easily be trimming to a size you need
  • Non-skid back keeps it secure
  • Full measure is 25” x 40”
  • Comfortable for cat’s paws

If you are a cat lover who also likes to walk around the house bare foot you know what it is like in the middle of the night when you step on some left-over cat litter your feline has tracked from room to room. It seems like you bring it back to bed with you and your sheets are full of grit. Get ready for clean floors and sheets when you use the Cats Rule Perfect Litter Mushroom Dot Mat. The weave of the top of the litter mat absorbs the litter from your cat’s paws before he even has a chance to walk on your floors. There are grooves that actually separate the toes to dislodge more litter.

The generous size is more than enough to fit under a full size litter box. The non-slip backing keeps it and your box securely in place. It is very easy to brush off, spray with cleaner and wipe down to remain totally sanitary. Satisfied customers have used this mat for years. It is a very good seller.