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Chuckit! Indoor Ball Launcher

Chuckit! Indoor Ball Launcher - primepet
$ 16.90

Product code: 4400134


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  • Never touch a wet, nasty tennis ball again
  • Made from 100% rubber
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Used to be called the Chuckit! Classic Ball Launcher

There are so many dog lovers who want to adopt a shelter orphan but because of mobility issues they do not believe they can give a dog the kind of exercise he needs. If you know such a person, introduce them to the Chuckit! Indoor Ball Launcher. It works beautifully whether you are in the back yard, in the dog park, at the lake or at the beach. Simply put your tennis ball in the end of the handle and just bring it over your head and flex your wrist. There are no hard, strenuous moves to be made.

If you are used to playing fetch with your pup, you generally get worn out before he does. But this nifty toy will turn the tables. Because you will be able to throw farther with more repetitions than ever before, your dog will be crying ‘uncle’ way before you do. Never bend over again to pick up a ball that has more slobber than dry space. Just place the claw over the ball and press down. That’s it!

Size Chart

17.6-in long