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Dexas Popware Collapsible Travel Cup Purple

Sold Out Dexas Popware Collapsible Travel Cup Purple - primepet
$ 8.90

Product code: 7530410

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  • Dishwasher safe
  • Folds down to a half-inch
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Holds up to one cup

When you take your dog on a long walk or for a two hour romp in the dog park, you know he’s thirsty and you want to give him a drink of your bottled water. Alas, dogs were not designed to drink out of a bottle or a water fountain. Dexas Popware For Pets Purple Collapsible Expandable Travel Cup have solved all those issues. This is a portable cup that folds down small enough to put in your pocket. It also has a space where you can attach it to your belt, the pup’s leash or your handbag. Simply pop it up and fill it up. Your dog has an instant drinking bowl.

This is a very hot seller for a very good reason. Customers keep adding benefits of daily use. Many say that it is the only portable cup their dogs will drink from because it had no odor at all. Some of the cups they have previously purchased had an odor that offended their dogs and they absolutely would not drink from them. Others like the fact that they can collapse it and put it in the side of their pat’s carriers for air travel and in the car. Once they are at a stopping point, their pets can have fresh water.

Size Chart

  • Small - 5.25" x 4.5" x 0.5" (1 cup / 8 oz)
  • Large 6.75" x 5.875" x 0.625" (2 cups / 16 oz)