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Dexas Popware Flexible Suction Lid Pink

$ 5.90

Product code: 7530429


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  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made in the USA
  • Self-seals with a gentle push in the center
  • Fits most cans, small containers and glasses

How often do you debate whether to feed your dog a little extra, just so you don't have to scoop the rest of the can into a Tupperware container? It just seems like extra work to do this, and have to wash another container later, right? Well, it may be an inconvenience to store extra food, especially if it is only for a few hours, but overfeeding is not the solution. Alternatively, you may not feed enough because you don't want to open a full to make up the difference you need. Either way, there is an easier solution.

The Dexas Popware Pink Suction Lid makes it easy to store the rest of the dog food without getting another container dirty. Place this flexible lid on top of the can, and it self-seals, when you gently push in the middle. When you are ready to use the food inside, simply break the vacuum seal and set aside to reuse, or toss in the dishwasher.

The great thing about this innovative lid is that it fits most cans, small containers and glasses, so it can be used on human products as well. Therefore, this is definitely a product you want to stock up! Use one to cover your dog's food, and then use another to refrigerate the other half of your smoothie to enjoy later. This lid will prove to be quite useful in the kitchen.

Size Chart


  • 4" x 4"