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Dexas Popware Pooch Pouch Treat Storage Purple

Sold Out Dexas Popware Pooch Pouch Treat Storage Purple - primepet - 1
$ 9.90

Product code: 7530516

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  • Made in the USA
  • Memory silicone keeps pouch closed
  • Clips onto belt or pocket for convenience
  • Won't absorb oils or odors

Whether you are leash training, working on basic commands, teaching relay techniques or simply hitting the beach with your four-legged friend, it is always helpful to have treats on hand. Quite often, you don't even need real  treats; kibble given with praise works just as good! The problem comes with trying to actually carry those treats. You could put them in a small sandwich bag, but then you have to open and close every time you reach for one. The noise alone can be distracting to your pet. Plus, if you don't have a pocket, then you have to physically hold them, which is definitely not practical, especially if you have more than one leash to control. What you need is the Dexus Popware Pooch Pouch Treat Storage.

This pouch is the perfect size to hold all the treats you should need for a full training session or walk, yet it is small enough to not get in the way. Simply pour the treats inside, and then it clips to your pocket, belt or something similar.

This innovative pouch is made of 100 percent memory silicone, so it will stay closed. You won't have to worry about treats dumping out everywhere like you do with many other products. It is nonporous, and since it is silicone, it resists the absorption of oils and odors. You will have easy access to the treats at the exact second you need them, which is important when using for a training reward.

Size Chart

4.625" x 2.875" x 3.5"