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Great Life Dr WooFrs Fire Pit Pork Dog Biscuits Grain Free

Sold Out Great Life Dr WooFrs Fire Pit Pork Dog Biscuits Grain Free - primepet
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  • Free of grains for easy digestion and special dietary needs
  • Made with wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Great natural pork taste
  • Made in the United States

Spoil your pet with a tasty treat when he least expects it with Great Life Dr WooFrs Fire Pit Pork Dog Biscuits Grain Free. These snacks are as nutritious as they are delicious for your pet, and you can take comfort in knowing that although Fido thinks you’re spoiling him, you know that you’re really just giving him a healthy boost for the day.

What is it that makes these biscuits so full of health benefits? It all becomes obvious when you look at the ingredients— chia, acai berries, sweet yams, pumpkin, kale sprouts and salmon oil, among other things. These are all good sources of valuable vitamins and minerals, and the acai berries in particular provide your pet with a good boost of antioxidants. This product was also manufactured in the United States, meaning this recipe fits U.S. pet health safety standards (which are a lot stricter here than in many other places).

What’s particularly notable about theses biscuits, however, is the fact that they are free of grains. Many dogs have difficulty processing and digesting commonly used grains, and so the ones found in most human foods simply should not be in those for dogs. A lot of dogs also have specific allergies and sensitivities to grain and gluten (a substance found in many grains), and so the anti-allergenic formula in Dr WooFrs Fire Pit Pork Dog Biscuits is excellent.


Pork - Tapicoa - Organic Chia - Organic Acai Berries - Organic Sweet Yams - Organic Pumpkin - Organic Kale Sprouts - Wild Salmon Oil