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Great Life Freeze Dried Lamb Liver

Sold Out Great Life Freeze Dried Lamb Liver - primepet
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  • Made from USDA approved lamb liver
  • Texture helps maintain teeth and gums
  • Tasty lamb flavor dogs drool over
  • Comes in a convenient resealable bag

The next time your dog does something worth rewarding, give him what he deserves with Great Life Freeze Dried Lamb Liver snacks. These unique treats are so tasty that he’ll be begging you for them come every snack time. Fortunately, these treats come in a convenient resealable bag for easy storage and long-lasting freshness.

But of course, the truly incredible thing about these snacks isn’t the flavor or the bag— it’s the fact that they are also very nutritious for your canine. Though the recipe is fairly simple, these treats come with plenty of vitamins and minerals, along with a good deal of natural protein. Furthermore, the texture of these snacks actually helps to scrape plaque off your dog’s teeth as he’s munching on them, therefore helping him maintain his tooth and gum healthy despite his never having held a toothbrush! This product also contains no chemicals or harmful fillers.

Though the freeze-dried lamb components are New Zealand pure, everything is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) approved. This is important, since many pet products imported to North America do not follow very strict health standards and often end up containing harmful substances. With the Great Life Freeze Dried Lamb Liver treats, you can rest assured that what your dog is munching on is not only delicious, but perfectly safe and beneficial to his health.


100% freeze-dried lamb liver 

Protein 56.0%
Fat 13.8%
Fiber 0.1%
Moisture 2.0%