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Great Life Oxy Doc

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  • Can be used on a wide variety of wounds and skin infections
  • Fights against ringworm
  • Works rapidly
  • Contains FDA-approved ingredients

Great Life Oxy Doc is a sort of “one product does it all” type of deal, and it is primarily used by pet owners to treat their animals’ fungal and/or bacterial infections. It is a very powerful disinfectant and fighter of all kinds of harmful pathogens, microorganisms, bacteria, parasites and other things.

This clear liquid comes in a small bottle, but only a couple drops diluted in water will go a very long way (it must be diluted in water in order to be used). The main ingredient in Oxy Doc is sodium chlorite, an FDA-approved substance that acts as a microbial control. What does this mean exactly? Well, this product technically works by rapidly lowering the ph balance of an environment (like on your pet) to make it hostile for any bacteria, microorganisms, etc.

Some pet owners also use Oxy Doc for a wide variety of other purposes, including (but not limited to), treatment of hot spots, hygienic maintenance of the teeth and gums, Kennel cough, suspected water decontamination, warts, allergic reactions, colds and flues, etc.

This product can be used internally or topically, though the simplest way of treating your dog with it is often to put a couple drops into your pet’s water bowl.


The FDA has approved the main ingredient, sodium chlorite, as an effective microbial control in meat products, and against parasitic worms in freshwater fish and as a wash for all types of seafood. It's a clear liquid in a small bottle but just a drop or two, diluted in water, packs a powerful punch against, pathogens, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. In one study conducted at the University of Florida, sodium chlorite produced the greatest reductions of microorganisms, over all other anti-microbial products tested. They did not use Oxy-Doc in the study, but they should have since the main ingredient in Oxy-Doc is the same as the one used in the study - sodium chlorite. Oxy-Doc can be used internally or topically to treat many conditions that otherwise would require prolonged care. Here are some uses but we are certain you can think of many more uses for this unique product: - Wounds and skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, hives) - Salmonella, e-coli - Respiratory problems - Yeast infections - Bacterial infections - Fungal infections - Ear infections - Mastitis - Intestinal virus - Hoof disinfectant - Dental and oral hygiene (prevents periodontitis, gingivitis) - Crypto - Warts - Algae treatment in water tanks - Disinfectant - Ringworm - Kennel cough - Water decontamination - Raw food cleansing Oxy-Doc is concentrated and must be diluted before using - a little bottle goes a long way when used properly. Contains: 5% Sodium Chlorite