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KONG Cat Kickeroo Mouse Catnip Toy

Sold Out KONG Cat Kickeroo Mouse Catnip Toy - primepet
$ 6.90

Product code: 7705547

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  • Wiggling fluffy tail
  • Plush mouse body
  • Contains catnip
  • Makes interesting crinkle sound
  • Assorted Colors

This wiggling, crackling mouse will provide your jungle cat hours of fun honing his hunting skills. There is no better prey than a fat mouse, and the KONG Cat Kickeroo Mouse Catnip Toy will fast become your cat’s number one choice of victims. But do not be surprised if you find your kitty’s paws wrapped around this plush toy at nap time. He may like to bat it, chase it, slap it, bunny-kick it and chew it, but he is showing his true love in the only manner he knows. It is constructed of all-natural materials and is totally non-toxic.

Some customers have said that they purchased the mouse to give an alternative for their kittens chasing their ankles. They were happy to report that the mission was accomplished. It is purrfect for all ages from kittens to senior citizens. Many kitties may have vivid dreams about catching a mouse and playing with it until it gives up. Now you can make your cat’s dreams come true! However, this mouse does carry any unwanted germs and viruses. Several purchases say their cats sleep on top of the toy so that no one else can get to it while their eyes are closed.