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KONG Snake Teaser Cat Toy

KONG Snake Teaser Cat Toy - primepet
$ 6.90

Product code: 7715600


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  • Really long 55”
  • Has rattle for more interest
  • Contains catnip
  • Feathers are all-natural

What is it about things that slither across the floor that attract our cats so much? The KONG Snake Teaser Cat Toy is much more bulky and substantial than just wiggling a piece of string or yarn that may wind up in the kitty’s mouth and getting swallowed. The handle on the snake gives you something to hold while you shake it and make it rattle. Once your cat pounces on it she’ll get a whiff of the pure North American catnip that will make her want to conquer this reptile even more. You will get hours of enjoyment watching her shake it, rattle it and roll with it.

The feathers are also all-natural and do not contain any foreign material that may cause your cat to be allergic. Some cat guardians say they purchased this toy specifically because of its size. They were having behavioral issues with their pets chewing on household items and needed something sturdy to give them an alternative. The kitties love this snake and carry it around in their mouths even though it is longer than they are. The combination of feathers and catnip has provided a new interest that has not lost its favor.