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Lola Bean Cloth Pick-Up Bag Dispenser Black

Lola Bean Cloth Pick-Up Bag Dispenser Black - primepet
$ 12.90

Product code: 9900218


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  • Shaped like a back pack
  • Made of cloth material
  • Holds 20 degradable bags
  • Attaches to any leash

How many times have you grabbed your dog’s leash to take him for a nice long walk and then remembered you had left the poop bag back at the house? That will not be a problem with Lola Bean Cloth Pick-Up Bag Dispenser Black also known as the Pooch Pouch. Not only does this convenient pouch hold 20 fully degradable bags, but there is room in it for doggie treats, house or car key, or some other necessity. If you are walking just around the block, just put your house key in the pouch and you will not have to worry about where you put your keys.

The Lola Bean waste bags are made from a proprietary material that is called d2w® Controlled Life Plastic Technology. What this means is that the company makes a full line of totally degradable flexible and semi-rigid plastic products. If you are eco-conscious this is very important to you. It assures that you are using a baggie that will not harm the environment and will not clutter the landfills forever. You, your dog and you poop pouch are making no detrimental impact on nature.