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Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toy Brick

Sold Out Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toy Brick - primepet
$ 39.90

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  • All toys exercise your dog’s mind and body
  • Use can reduce behavior problems
  • Helps prevent and reduce weight gain
  • Keeps your dog alert and free from boredom

All Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toys Brick have been specially designed to stimulate your dog’s brain while reinforcing his bond with humans. Each toy has a unique build that involves mental and physical ability to find the hidden treats and food. These are especially important during those months when dogs cannot go outside as much to play, whether from the heat, the cold or the precipitation. Like training a service dog to sniff out contraband, you can hide treats in different compartments and have your pooch search and rescue the food. When they receive praise as well as the treat, it is double-rewarding for them.

Usually you need to show your puppy or adult dog how they toy works and let them watch you place the treat in its slot. Then your dug will have to watch and follow directions in order to eat the food. This creates a more trusting bond with you, and you are spending some quality time with your best buddy. Each dog has a different personality and different learning level. So do not expect each dog to perform at maximum proficiency when just starting out.