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Omega Paw Horizontal Scratching Post

Sold Out Omega Paw Horizontal Scratching Post - primepet
$ 12.90

Product code: 5321530

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  • Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Durable construction
  • Carpeting lasts a long time
  • Budget friendly

Cats are very smart creatures. Luckily, humans are just a bit smarter. When your kitten or adult cat begins attacking your furniture and trying to tear it to shreds, it’s time for an intervention. Omega Paw Horizontal Scratching Post has been used by hundreds of very happy customers. You can use it as a vertical scratching post or lay it flat for a horizontal post. The durable, sturdy carpeting can take the abuse of every day scratching by multiple cats, and it feels good under your kitty’s paws. The actual design is unique and very helpful. The ends of the piece are flat, so if your cat seems to go to a favorite corner of a chair or sofa, you can slip the end under that area so that the scratching post covers the endangered areas. The cat winds up scratching the carpet rather than your upholstery.

Savvy cat owners have purchased multiples of this scratcher and used in this exact way. They are very pleased with the outcome. Some feline guardians like to provide a scratching post just to entertain a cat, even though he never scratches furniture. This item can be used successfully in each instance.