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PetzLife Oral Care Salmon Oil Gel

PetzLife Oral Care Salmon Oil Gel - primepet
$ 19.99

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  • Notably freshens breath right after use
  • Works deep beneath the gum line to fight tooth and gum disease
  • Consists of all natural ingredients
  • Veterinarian recommended

PetzLife Oral Care Salmon Oil Gel is one of the more unique products in canine dental care, but it is by far among the most effective. The salmon oil gel works its way deep beyond your dog’s gum line to fight inflammation and other problems from within, and with regular use you’ll notice the stains on your pal’s teeth being removed entirely. In fact, this gel is able to eliminate most levels of plaque and tartar, restoring your dog’s teeth to the pearly white state they started in.

It takes the unique approach of having the flavor of wild salmon, but this greatly helps to attract your pet to it. Rather than being difficult to apply, your dog will want to lick it right up!

In order to get the equivalent cleaning that this oral care gel offers, many people (who are unaware they have other options) choose to take their pet to a veterinarian to have their teeth professionally cleaned. Besides being an unnecessary expense, the main problem with this is that it usually requires your dog to be under anesthesia. This can make your dog groggy, and while it won’t cause major problems, you really shouldn’t put them under anesthesia when it is unnecessary.

The choice is an obvious one— This Salmon Oil Gel removes the need for sedation and does a fantastic job of cleaning your dog’s teeth.