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ProLabs Tape Worm Tabs for Cats 23mg

Sold Out ProLabs Tape Worm Tabs for Cats 23mg - primepet
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  • 100% safe and totally effective
  • First FDA approved OTC product
  • Gets rid of both types of tapeworms
  • Small size oral pill

When you see those small white worms wiggling around on your cat’s read end on in his poop, you get the hives and want to run and hide. Think how your poor kitty feels? Or, if your poor little creature is losing weight, appears lethargic and his fur is very dull, be sure to look for the small rice pellets. This means your feline has tapeworms. There are two kinds of tapeworms: one is caused by fleas and the other is caused by contact with rodents. The rodents are the ones with fleas that get ingested. ProLabs Tape Worm Tabs for Cats 23mg has the same active ingredient as the expensive vet treatment.

If you have an indoor kitty and have eliminated all the fleas from your cat and household, one treatment should do the trick. However, if you allow you cat to go outside, he can become re-infected if you do not keep a flea and tick repellant on him. Tape Worm Tabs are the first OTC treatment containing praziquantel, the most recommended de-wormer for tapeworm control.