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Quaker Pet SuperCat Catnip Crumples

Quaker Pet SuperCat Catnip Crumples - primepet
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Product code: 9620102


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  • Made in the USA
  • Similar to a sachet card
  • Scent is released when paper is folded or scratched
  • Cats love to play with these

Cats have a natural curiosity when it comes to paper: paper bags, computer paper, wrapping paper. Perhaps it is the crinkling sound or maybe it reminds them of the sound of playing outside in the leaves. Whatever reason your cat likes paper, he will love SuperCat Catnip Crumples. These are not actually crumbled pieces of catnip, they are sheets of paper that have been infused with bubbles of catnip scent. Whenever your kitty pounces on the paper, a micro-bubble will be broken and more catnip scent will reach your cat. You can even fold the paper and that will release more scent as well.

These are ideal to use one at a time, or scatter a few around. Certainly, if you have multiple cats, you would want to activate a Crumble for each one. Do not be surprised to see your feline roll around on the paper, sit on it, lay on it, or try to love it to death. There is nothing in the paper or the micro-bubbles that could hurt your cat if ingested.