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Quaker Pet SuperCat Catnip Markers 2pk

Quaker Pet SuperCat Catnip Markers 2pk - primepet
$ 6.90

Product code: 9620500


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  • Clear ink with Nano Burst Technology™
  • Will not stain
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA

Cats get a bad rap about being too independent and not paying any attention to what you say. Wouldn’t it be great to find a product that would help him notice what you are trying to achieve? This is where SuperCat Catnip Markers come in handy. Use them like you would any marker only these do not make a mess, do not show ink, and are infused with bubbles of catnip scent that are released when they are scratched, bumped or rubbed. You can mark the entrance and inside of his carrier to get him to go inside. Mark some of his favorite toys and he will gain interest once again. You can use on plastic, fabric, floors, walls and scratching posts.

If you really want to see your kitty go wild, take a paper bag and make some marks on the inside. Cats love to play in bags and this scent of catnip will add to his antics. For those felines who prefer to jump in and out of boxes, the markers will give them a reason to roll around for hours. Another use is to distract your kitten or adult cat from an area that you want to keep secure from hair and scratching. Dab a few marks on a nearby object and his interest will be directed away from your prized possession.