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Sentry Calming Collar For Dogs & Puppies

Sentry Calming Collar For Dogs & Puppies - primepet
$ 27.90

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  • Collar fits all dogs and puppies with necks up to 28”
  • Active ingredients will last up to 30 days
  • No medicinal smell
  • All-natural with no harmful chemicals

No one likes it when their dog or puppy becomes stressed because it brings undue stress to the pet owner as well. Stress is discomfort and we want our canine companions to be as comfortable as possible. The dog or puppy’s fears may be irrational, but they are real. Ask anyone who has an animal that is terrified of loud noises, suffers from separation anxiety or has not been sufficiently socialized because of abuse or neglect. The Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs and Puppies can help in so many ways. This all-natural product has a heat activated pheromone suppressor that is activated by your pet’s body heat.

The only scents you and your pet will smell are the essences of lavender and chamomile which relax humans as well. Satisfied customers have been using this calming collar for years with many repeat buyers. Some state that their dog was scared of thunder storms. The dog is still aware of the storm, but does not howl or revert to previous destructive behavior. Other customers are very pleased that they can use the collar on an existing pet when introducing a new member to the household.