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True Chews Pork Ear & Beef Bully Stick Sampler Pack

Sold Out True Chews Pork Ear & Beef Bully Stick Sampler Pack - primepet
$ 5.90

Product code: 8101988

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  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Includes two chew treats for sampling
  • Come in a handy, resealable pouch to maintain freshness
  • Each chew promotes good dental hygiene

What do you do if you find yourself unsure of what kind of chew treat would be best for your dog? You try out different options! While you could go and purchase different packages of treats from the start, the True Chews Pig Ear and Beef Bully Stick Sampler Dog Treats pack makes it easy on you. With this special pack, you get two different chews for your furry friend.

Each sampler pack includes one Pork Ear (a pig ear) and one Beef Bully Stick of 6 inches long. Both of these chews have been slow roasted to perfection in order to make them the right texture and lock in that savory flavor dogs love.

Both are made from all-natural ingredients, and they work to toughen your dog’s gums and clean his teeth as he’s chewing on them. In fact, most veterinarians actually recommend that dog owners regularly give their pet a natural chew treat like the ones here. Chew toys are good too, but they can’t really “get in there” like a chew treat can. Your dog is also not likely to spend as much time working on his chew toy as he will his delicious chew treat!

The Pork Ear and Beef Bully Stick are naturally tasty, but the best part is that the texture of both chews allows them to scrape away harmful tartar and plaque deposits from your pal’s chompers while they’re in his mouth.


Pig Ear, Beef Pizzle, Natural Smoke Flavor.