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Venison Joe's Smoked Boar Bone

Venison Joe's Smoked Boar Bone - primepet
$ 5.90

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  • Made with 100% U.S. boar bones hickory smoked for great flavor
  • Meant for dogs 20lbs and under
  • Bone comes as a hearty 6 to 8 inch recreational chew
  • Contains no antibiotics or hormones

All dogs love to chew, and it is in fact one of their all-time favorite pastimes. So, indulge your dog with Venison Joe’s Smoked Boar Bone. Made from the real, hearty bones of wild boar from the U.S., this delicious treat makes a great recreational chew.

Venison Joe’s wild boar comes straight from the deep woods of Texas, and over the years people have discovered that this is a taste dogs truly love. Rich with gamey flavor and great texture, the smoked boar bone is one of the finest treats offered by Venison Joe. These chews are meant for dogs that weight 20lbs or less.

Instead of being oven cooked, this gourmet boar bone is naturally smoked over hickory at a slow pace in order to lock in great flavor. This cooking process also ensures that it will not shatter into small, sharp pieces when your dog bites into them. For further safety, no antibiotics, hormones or artificial flavors are added in to the Smoked Boar Bone. So, you can be as happy about giving this chew to your dog as he will be gnawing on it.


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