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ZiwiPeak Deer Shank Dog Bone Treat, Half

ZiwiPeak Deer Shank Dog Bone Treat, Half - primepet
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  • Deer shank bones come from free-range, grass-fed deer on traceable, approved New Zealand farms.
  • Our shanks include natural nutrients and marrow, and wrapped a beef esophagus for added palatability.
  • Improves dental hygiene and decreases bad breath.
  • Highly palatable and long lasting

Remember the times when you went to your butcher and asked for a “soup bone” when in reality you were going to give the big bone to your dog. ZiwiPeak Deer Shank Dog Bone Treat, Half  is one bone your dog will definitely not bury to gnaw on at a later time. He will be so engrossed in getting to the good stuff that he will be occupied for hours. This shank bone is sourced from grass-fed New Zealand deer. They have been fed no antibiotics, growth hormones or anything that does not come from nature. The shank itself is full of nutrients and marrow.

These shank bones have a beef esophagus wrapped over the top which just adds to the interesting flavor. It is interesting that wolves in the wild that have a deer carcass will go for those parts of the deer that have the most marrow. Loving bone marrow has not changed over evolutionary times. Experts say that one of the reasons canines are keen on marrow is that it is highly tasty. Vets also say it is full of vitamins and minerals. Dogs have been chewing on bones for eons; however, this is a real bone that will have your dog smiling.


Deer Shank Bone